Our founder, Sivan Ayla, answers some frequently asked questions about +LUX UNFILTERED and our products. If you have any other questions you can always email or DM us.

Q: Are + LUX UNFILTERED products non-toxic?

A: Yes! It is a priority of mine to use only non-toxic ingredients in any product we create. + LUX UNFILTERED products are also vegan and cruelty-free.

Q: Can Nº32 be used on my face?

A: I wouldn’t recommend using Nº32 on your face. It was designed to be a rich cream to keep your body super hydrated so it will most likely be too heavy for the skin on your face. Not to worry, we are already developing a face product!

Q: How long do I have to wait to shower?

A: I personally like to apply Nº32 in the morning to allow my tan to develop & set all day long. During the day I avoid water or oil exposure on my body so no streaking occurs and then take a shower in the evening before bed. In an ideal world I’d wait 8 hours before showering to give your tan time to develop.

Q: How soon will I see color after using Nº32?

A: You will immediately see a nice healthy glow after applying. Nº32 was designed to give a natural-looking color and glow rather than intensely tanning your skin right away. You will see a subtle color develop with each application.

Q: Do I apply Nº32 with my hands or do I need a mit?

A: Nº32 should be applied with your hands like a regular body cream. I find that using your hands creates a more even development, no streaking, and you have more control over the product. Wash hands immediately with soap and water after applying.

Q: How often should I apply Nº32?

A: The more you apply the deeper your color becomes. I recommend using it daily for 4 - 5 days for best results. Once you’ve achieved your desired color, I recommend using it every other day to maintain your color.

Q: How do I prevent transferring onto my clothing or bedding?

A: After applying Nº32 wait a full 5 minutes before getting dressed or getting into bed so the product has time to dry. This will ensure an even development and prevent transferring.