- Sivan Ayla

+ LUX UNFILTERED was founded by lifestyle blogger Sivan Ayla Richards in an attempt to replicate her filtered tan on Instagram IRL.

After years of portraying the perfect tan online, Sivan was determined to create a product that would look natural, hydrate the skin, and leave her smelling like roses (instead of cheeseburgers, like many self-tanners so often do). While Sivan was pregnant she developed and tested many different formulations until she achieved everything on her checklist in one bottle.

Nº32 is the first product created by + LUX UNFILTERED. It is your everyday, gradual, non-intimidating self-tanner that is hydrating to your skin, easy to apply, buildable, non-transferring, and the most natural-looking color and glow. All ingredients are non-toxic and vegan, and of course cruelty-free because we test on people, not animals.

Sivan develops and formulates + LUX UNFILTERED products in her hometown of Los Angeles, California with the help of her overly-researched husband, Paul.