What the Beauty Editors Have To Say

What the Beauty Editors Have To Say

Don’t just take it from us… here are glowing reviews from the tastemakers of the beauty industry.



“I love +Lux Unfiltered so much, and I have an entire review (including before and after photos) to show for it. I recommend this lotion to everyone—whether they're brand new to the world of self-tanner or a seasoned veteran. It has clean ingredients, the end results are so natural looking and never streak, it fades evenly, it's white-bedsheet safe, and last but certainly not least, the scent options actually smell amazing and super elevated.” Who What Wear



“This product is everything we could ever want in a facial self-tanner, earning it our best overall pick… We love that once you apply it, it dries quickly and doesn’t transfer onto your clothing or pillowcases. We noticed that the formula felt totally undetectable on the skin—no stickiness or residue—and we could start to see the color develop after just a few minutes, though the brand says it takes a few hours for it to fully develop. After the initial application, the tan lasted about two days without re-applying. We also appreciate that, unlike a lot of self-tanners, this one doesn’t lean orange on the skin, rather it creates a subtle, bronze glow.

Also nice, the formula is fragrance-free, suitable for all skin types (even sensitive), and contains hydrating ingredients, like hyaluronic acid, pomegranate extract, vitamin E, and more. If you’re looking for a super fast and easy self-tanning product that’s customizable and great for all skin types, we highly recommend checking out this one.” BYRDIE



“This gives our skin a deep, natural-looking bronze that mimics the real tan we have by the end of summer. Heading into this test, our tester had never used self tanner before, but we’re total converts after trying this formula from Lux Unfiltered—this easy-to-apply foam gave a medium complexion a deep, radiant glow that looked just like the real thing without the sun damage. We got about five days of wear out of it despite daily showers, though it was admittedly hard to tell how long the tan lasted because it faded so naturally.” InStyle 



“N °32 recently became available on Amazon, and I actually signed up for a subscription because this product has easily made it onto my "can't live without it" list. The bottom line: Lux Unfiltered's N °32 Self-Tanning Cream is the perfect pick for a radiant, glowing, natural looking tan, without all the icky dryness from typical self tanners.” POPSUGAR



“Trust me when I say you absolutely need this body glow. Not only does it leave your skin looking like it's been airbrushed from head to toe, but it's also rich in shea butter and sunflower seed oil (to moisturize), squalane (to hydrate), and vitamin C (to brighten). Just like makeup for your skin, it adds the slightest bit of bronzed tint and all the luminizer.” Cosmo