Highlighting: The Cream

Highlighting: The Cream

The Cream is here to change your skincare routine and give you the glassy complexion you've always coveted. We've been keeping this secret for so long, we can't wait to share all of the juicy details with you...


After 4 weeks of product use, 100% of subjects responded the product had a pleasing scent. A total of 97% responded their skin felt moisturized and 94% of subjects said their skin looked moisturized, hydrated and that their skin texture felt hydrated and smoother.

*From a clinical survey of 34 test subjects after a 4 week trial period


Hyaluronic Acid  |  Helps skin retain moisture for plumper looking skin

Squalane |  Deeply hydrates & helps strengthens skin’s moisture barrier

Ceramides |  Can help improve the look and feel of dry or dehydrated skin due to water retention properties, helps reinforce skin’s barrier to better resist external stressors

Kakadu Plum | Promotes skin radiance and luminosity, while also helping to minimize the appearance of wrinkles (contains 55 times more vitamin c than an orange)


Is The Cream okay for sensitive skin?
N°Glass skincare products are formulated for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Can I use N°12 face drops with The Cream?
Yes. You can either mix N°12 drops with The Cream, or use them on their own after The Cream is applied.

Is The Cream fragrance-free?
The Cream is free of added fragrance with a light lemon scent that naturally derives from the ingredients.

Should you apply The Cream at night or in the morning?
Either one! Use as an overnight mask, bare naturally, or use as a base under makeup.

Is The Cream a clean product?
Yes, our ingredient lists meet the clean standards specified by third-party retailers such as Sephora.