Our Founder's Skincare Routine

Our Founder's Skincare Routine

I can honestly say that my skin has never been better. After decades of trying everything and developing my own hydrating line, I’m in a good spot with knowing what my skin wants and what I actually see results from. Best part? My routine is super simple.

I’ve been wearing less makeup than ever which has been a goal for years and overall, I like the combination of products, lifestyle habits, and professional help that I have going on. Most importantly, I’ve finally got my skin to a place where it’s deeply hydrated aka the secret to good skin as we age.

Since I know we all like specifics, here is my current skincare routine.


+ Cleanse face with The Cleansing Balm. I only use a little product in the a.m. since I don’t have makeup on. I remove everything with a clean gentle cloth.

+ Moisturize with The Cream. I apply this directly to my skin and press it in to deeply absorb.

+ Bronzing Drops w/ hyaluronic acid, a game-changer for wearing less makeup. I use 5-10 drops depending on where I’m at with my tan.


+ Wash face again with The Cleansing Balm. I do this whether I have makeup or not, to remove anything on my skin and environmental impurities.

+ Deeply hydrate with The Cream.


+ Exfoliate with The Polish 1-2x a week.

+ Shave my face every 6-8 weeks — Dermaflash

+ A good hydrafacial every 3 months. I’m not a huge facial girl, but I have started these and really like them. I haven’t done any lasers or peels (yet).

+ Botox in my forehead every 4-5 months


Founder & CEO