Our Co-founder’s Daily Beauty Routine

Our Co-founder’s Daily Beauty Routine

Hi! Sivan here, Co-Founder of Lux Unfiltered. I get asked daily about my beauty routine, which is a huge compliment and testament to Lux Unfiltered since I always wear our products!

For me, having a tan, hydrated skin, and effortless beauty makes me feel my most confident, so it’s what I base my routine and all Lux Unfiltered products on. 

I switch things up if I have a shoot or event, but most of my days consist of this routine. 


Beauty starts in the shower, so this is when I do more prep & maintenance.

  • Shave - Yes, I shave daily because I can’t stand the feeling of hair on my legs. Plus, it helps my skin to look its best. I use our N°16 Opulent Shower Oil as my shaving oil and body cleanser.
  • Shampoo & conditioner if I need it, but that’s only 1-2x a week. If I'm starting a new tan cycle, I exfoliate my entire body with our N°28 Exfoliating Body Polish.


Immediately after drying off, I move on to my two-minute body routine. 


  • Moisturize - I slather on the body cream of my dreams, our N°14 Conditioning Body Cream on every last limb. 
  • Tan - 2-3x per week, I apply a coat of our tanning lotion, N°32 Original Hydrating Self-Tanning Cream. If I want a deeper color, I’ll skip the N°14 since our tanning cream has a moisturizer built in. 


I’ve stopped wearing foundation and mascara most days and keep things very simple.

  • Rinse - I always like to rinse my face with cold water to wake the skin up & pat dry. 
  • Eye cream / Eye Patches - If I need to, I give myself a little under-eye massage, then follow it up with chilled eye patches when necessary.
  • Tan - I skip the moisturizer and apply about 6 drops of our N°12 Bronzing Face Drops since it has hyaluronic acid. I credit these moisturizing tanning drops to not needing foundation - they might be my favorite product for the face. 
  • Add color - I use our N°18 Illuminating Beauty Balms to bronze, highlight, and add color. I love ‘tropics’ for adding a sheer wash of bronze, ’sunset’ on my cheekbones and nose for a flush of color, and ’salty’ under my eyebrow arch and on my cupid bow to highlight. 
  • Eyebrows - A non-negotiable for me! At the least, I use a clear brow gel, but I usually fill them in with a pencil. 
  • Finish with lips - either our N°11 Soothing Lip Tints if I want a natural swipe of color or N°15 Soothing Lip Serum if I want to go colorless. 

And that’s it!