HQ's (Secret) Fave

HQ's (Secret) Fave

Our office’s favorite sleeper product? Hands down, N°28 Exfoliating Body Polish. Aesthetically pleasing packaging, luxurious Santal fragrance, and a thick, rich sugar scrub followed by baby soft skin? Truly a must have!


Shea Butter  |  Intensely moisturizers dry skin

Passion Fruit Oil  |  Helps soothe & relieve dry skin

Coconut Oil  |  Hydrates skin and helps retain moisture

Sugar  |  Gently exfoliates dead skin for noticeably smoother skin


How fast will N°28 fade my tan?
N°28 will only slightly break down your tan, so we recommend using it when you’re ready for a fresh application of self-tanner to help remove any tan residue.

How strong is the Santal scent?
We keep all our fragrances on the lighter side, as to not overwhelm the senses.

Is the exfoliator intense?
The texture of N°28 was crafted to be the perfect roughness. It is not too abrasive but also doesn’t dissolve too easily. You will find it melts into the skin the more you rub it in, leaving your skin feeling super luxurious & soft.

How often should I use N°28?
We recommend using N°28 once to twice per week. It is recommended to use before applying a fresh application of N°32 or N°36. It can also help remove any residue self-tanner on tougher parts of your skin.

Does this replace a body wash?
No, but if you’re looking to add a body wash to your luxury shower routine, N°16 opulent shower oil was designed for that purpose (and many more).

Can I use N°28 to wash my face?
We do not recommend using N°28 on your face, as it was formulated for the body.