Nº10 Expert Reviews

Nº10 Expert Reviews

Don’t just take it from us… here are glowing N°10 Blurring Body Glow reviews from beauty industry experts.



"Trust me when I say you absolutely need this body glow. Not only does it leave your skin looking like it's been airbrushed from head to toe, but it's also rich in shea butter and sunflower seed oil (to moisturize), squalane (to hydrate), and vitamin C (to brighten). Just like makeup for your skin, it adds the slightest bit of bronzed tint and all the luminizer.”


"With a subtle hint of bronze, this ultra-lightweight product adds instant shimmer and sheen from head to toe, giving just enough coverage to blur imperfections and refract light. Note that because this product is a glimmer, it comes in only one shade and isn’t suitable for covering tattoos, birthmarks, or bruises. But if you’re looking for a radiant glow that feels incredible and softens imperfections, our testers think it’s worth an investment.”


“If you’re looking for a subtle bronze glow, this tint will be the first thing you reach for. It doesn’t have a shade range, but rather one bronze-toned "universal" shade that has a shimmery finish and is very lightweight on the skin (it's virtually undetectable once it dries). We used a conservative amount and it covered about half of our forearm. It didn’t transfer at all on the white towel; only when we applied pressure did a small amount come off. It also didn’t run when we spritzed our arm with water.

With ingredients like shea butter, squalane, sunflower seed oil, and vitamin C, this product is extremely moisturizing, which only adds to the glow effect on your skin. If there was anything we would change, it would be to name it a shimmer instead of glow, due to the level of sparkle in this product, which might not be for everyone. Regardless of what it’s called, this body makeup will give you the subtle bronze glow of summer all year long."