Highlighting: The Cleansing Balm

Highlighting: The Cleansing Balm

There’s nothing like the feeling of clean skin. With all of the makeup, sunscreen, dust and dirt constantly coating your complexion, knowing you have The Cleansing Balm in your back pocket can help you sleep a little better at night and look even better during the day. Not sold yet? Here's a BTS look at one of our newest products...



Jojoba Oil   |  Penetrates the skin easily and reduces water loss by forming a protective layer for skin

Avocado Oil   |  Moisturizes, fortifies, regenerates, and protects the skin

Squalane   |  Prevents moisture loss while helping restore the skin's suppleness



Is The Cleansing Balm okay for sensitive skin?
N°Glass skincare products are formulated for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Is The Cleansing Balm fragrance-free?
The Cleansing Balm is free of added fragrance with a light lemon scent that naturally derives from the ingredients.

Should you apply The Cleansing Balm at night or in the morning?
You can do both! Use in the morning to prep and hydrate your skin before the day, or at night to remove makeup, excess oils, and other impurities while locking in moisture.

Does The Cleansing Balm replace face wash?
The Cleansing Balm is effective enough to be used as a face wash alone but if you prefer to double cleanse can also be used as the first step in doubling cleansing along with a gentle face wash.

Can you use The Cleansing Balm every day?
Yes! The cleansing balm is gentle and hydrating – perfect to for everyday use.

Can this product remove eye makeup?
Yes! For eye makeup removal, apply to closed eyes and rinse immediately. 

Is The Cleansing Balm a clean product?
Yes, our ingredient lists meet the clean standards specified by third-party retailers such as Sephora.