Date Night Prep

Date Night Prep

What’s up everyone! Hope here, Marketing Coordinator at Lux Unfiltered. Being one of the only single girls in the office, everyone loves to hear about my date nights, so let’s get ready for one!

Let’s be honest, sometimes prepping is the worst part. The process can be exhausting, but always worth it in the end. My prep starts the night before with the classic “everything shower”. So, blast the music and let’s get to it!


To me, an everything shower includes shaving, exfoliating, and washing the hair. 

  • Exfoliating – I always exfoliate before I tan. I use N°28 Exfoliating Body Polish to scrub away any dead skin and to even my skin tone. (Honestly this is our most underrated product)
  • Shaving – Next up I like to use the N°16 Shower Oil as my “shaving cream”. This is my favorite part because it hydrates my skin and leaves it feeling baby soft.
  • Shampoo & Conditioner – I wash my hair 1-2x a week, so nothing is better than that fresh wash.


This is where things start to get serious.

  • Moisturize – I’ll put a little bit of N°14 on my elbows, ankles, and those extra dry areas to prep for my tan.
  • Tan – I used to hate moussing, but the way N°36 blends so easily and dries so fast makes it easy to use. I LOVE a deep tan so I will do at least two coats of this bad boy and I am looking like a brand-new girly. When I tan my face, I like to put a little mousse onto an old makeup brush and apply.

The hard part is over! Throw on some loose pajamas, manifest he’ll be over 6’2” and get that beauty sleep.

*Rise & Shine* (imagine Kylie waking you up).


The day is finally here, let’s do those final touch ups and go meet the man of our dreams.

  • Shower – First thing I do when I wake up is a little body shower to rinse off the tan.
  • Moisturize – Lock in that moisture with N°14, like I said before we need that skin to be baby soft!
  • Get Ready – Pick out the outfit, put your makeup on and have your friend pour you a drink because you’re going to need it.
  • Final Step – Last BUT not least is N°10. If you want to look like a million bucks, you need this product. Obviously, we are wearing something tasteful, but apply N°10 anywhere skin is showing (and maybe not showing hehe) for the perfect glow.


All the prep paid off. You look amazing, you feel confident and are literally glowing! Time to go slay the date.