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Love this stuff!!

I love being tan, but after years of laying out and putting my skin through the wringer, it was time to find a great self-tanner. The problem was that finding a great self-tanner isn't easy! I am SO glad I stumbled across Lux Unfiltered on instagram and decided to give them a shot. The self-tanner is *chefs kiss* incredible. The color builds so naturally, but is definitely noticeable - I'm always getting compliments on how tan I look! As a note, this self-tanning cream pairs wonderfully with the bronzing face drops, which I also love.

I've tried both the Rosewood and Santal scents. I thought I'd like Santal more than Rosewood (I generally dislike flowery scents), but the Santal is a bit too earthy for me. I'll be switching back to the Rosewood after my bottle of Santal runs out :)

Love it!

I’ve been using this self tanning cream daily since I got it and I’m obsessed! My favorite part is that it does NOT have that nasty self tanning smell that no one likes. Definitely repurchasing!

Nº5 Soothing Lip Balm
debbie lasker

Love ♥️

Love, love, love!

I love the color this gives me while keep my skin hydrated!


This gradual tan is fantastic! I bought one Santal and one Rosewood, and I love them both equally. The color is great, and the smell is fantastic. Highly recommend!

The Best Self-Tanning Lotion out there!

I've been using this product for over 2 years now and will not go more than a few days without it. It's great to have a moisturizing lotion that works also works as a tanner.
Never had an issue with it staining my clothes or sheets and I only wait a few minutes for it to dry before I get dressed. :) LOVE THIS STUFF.

The most amazing line

I can't get enough of this whole line! The self tanner is the most natural looking one I have ever used and I love that it's a lotion so it is so moisturizing. The face drops are also incredible and give you the best glow. I am currently breastfeeding and love that I feel safe and comfortable with all the ingredients and I can't wait to continue using these products with the changing seasons!


The absolute best self tanner on the market! Super moisturizing and the rosewood smell is amazing. It lasts almost a full week and doesn’t flake or peel off, it simply fades away like a real tan!


Golden glow & smells fab


Amazing scent and perfect color, looks so natural, the best self tan I’ve used!

Nº5 Soothing Lip Balm
Darlene Dandie

I love all Lux products


I will never use another body scrub. Everything about this scrub is *chefs kiss*

The best

The only one I’ll ever use! Doesn’t make you smell bad and is so hydrating; two things that other tanners lack. I’ve used a bunch of brands and they all have the same issues. Lux unfiltered gives such a natural glow that people think it’s my natural color. 10/10

Oh. Em. Gee!

I’ve tried a lot of different brands in the past and this one doesn’t even compare. From a long weekend at the beach to date night - this has quickly become my go-to! Nourishing with a gloss, win win!

Love this stuff!

I love how hydrating and natural this product is. Will continue to purchase and try the other products!

Really Nice Lotion

Really loving the tanning lotion. I have tried many, but loving the scent and the hydrating quality of this lotion. Will purchase again.

really love the self tanner and the scrub

The self tanner is a great color and not at all orangey. It also lasts almost a week. It's very easy to apply and not streaky. The scrub is very luxurious. Im very happy with my purchase. Thank goodness I buy everything Amber Lancaster is selling.


i am OBSESSED. periodddt.


I have tried numerous self tanners over the past decade and this is hands down the BEST. Not only does it smell amazing! The tan is so natural and never any streaks or splotches! Highly recommend!!!

Best tanning lotion

I have been looking for a good tanning lotion for awhile and I finally found it I love the scent and the color it gives me I found what I’ve been looking for!


I love this self tanner. It really gives you a good color in such a short amount of time. I used it about 2-3x a week and maintained a nice, tan color. I will definitely keep using!

Best subtle self tanner for daily use!

Love this cream, it is subtle so not a dark tan (would love if they made a darker version), but it's great for daily use. I am very sensitive to smell and this actually does not have that usual self tanner smell at all! Moisturizing too! Great product. I use it every other day

Nº32 Hydrating Self-Tanning Cream

Best Product

Lux unfiltered is absolutely the Best Product I have ever used. I put it on before bed and I wake up looking like I have spent weeks in the Bahamas . Love it


I finally ordered the self tanning cream after following Sivan on Instagram since the start of the year. I’m from Australia so it took a while but omg it was so worth the wait, i am obsessed!! I am about to order a few more bottles so I don’t run out! Hands down favourite self tanner i have used! The Santal scent is to die for!